Create an interview

You'll need to create a company profile before completing these steps.

There are 4 easy steps to creating an interview on Willo:

1. Initial setup 

This is where you enter details about the interview such as the title and description. 

  • Salary
    • This is an optional field that is shown to the person completing your interview. It can be used to present information about salary, benefits or anything else you would like to share. 
  • Video Intro 
    • You have the option of recording an intro video in your process, this is a great way to inject some personality into your interview and will increase the response rate significantly. Record a video directly within your browser, or upload one that you created earlier. The maximum duration of a video intro is 3 minutes. 
    • You can also add a YouTube-hosted video if that's preferred, simply copy and paste the link which should look similar to the following:
  • Description
    • If you are copying text from Word or another website you may see formatting issues when you paste text into Willo. If you want to ensure there are absolutely no formatting problems, then the best option is to paste the text without any formatting of any kind applied to it. 
    • That means you need to paste plain text, which requires a couple of extra steps, which are explained in the next paragraph: Open Notepad on your PC (or Text Editor on your Mac) and paste the text from Word or a website into a new Notepad (or Text Editor) file. 
    • Then, copy the text from Notepad (or Text Editor) and paste it into Willo. No extra formatting will be added. 

2. Write your questions

What do you want to ask? You have the option to delete and change the order of your questions, as well as the time allowed for each answer. We automatically suggest questions which you can use. View the growing list of industry-approved questions here.

  • Answer type 
  • Retakes 
    • You can limit the number of retakes a person has to answer your question. We recommend leaving this as unlimited but it's up to you! Learn more
  • Response time
    • Set the maximum amount of time a person has to answer your question. Choose between 1 and 5 minutes. The person does not need to use all of the allocated time. Learn more
  • Thinking time
    • Thinking time with Willo is a great way to give candidates an indication of how long you expect them to take to complete a question. Learn more

Key things to consider

  • The maximum number of questions is 20. 
  • You cannot edit the order or add/delete questions once the interview has received responses; you should duplicate the interview if you need to add or delete questions. 
  • List of top interview questions to ask

3. Templates

(Paid plans only) Create your own SMS and email templates within Willo, and give your candidate experience a real boost. It's well known that personalisation is key so be sure to set up your own templates and experiment with a few variants until you find one which converts best. You can also write templates in different languages.

Learn more about custom SMS and email templates

4. Publish 

This is the final step, there is the option to share access to this interview with others in your organisation - they will have the option to review, rate and leave comments on any response that the interview receives.

  • Live until 
    • Set the timescale for your interview, for example, if you want people to interview within a set period of time. When the interview reaches the Live Until date people can no longer respond to your interview. You can edit this date at any time to reactivate it. The timezone used is always Coordinated Universal Time or UTC - this is the primary time standard globally used to regulate clocks and time. Calculate your deadline using UTC here.

  • Display 'Hints and Tips' 
    • Disable hints and tips if you think your candidates don't need to see this information.

  • Default language
    • Set which language the interview will be presented to the candidate. Remember they can always change the language themselves.

  • Availability for follow up
    • Hide the calendar for candidates to give you their availability.

Click Publish to save and the interview will go live within your dashboard. You can then start inviting people to your new interview on the next page.

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