Create a company profile

To start interviewing on the Willo platform, you will first have to create a company brand profile.  Once you’ve created an account, you will need to navigate to the Companies tab on your main menu.

Then click on the Create Company button and enter the correct company details. You can have as many companies as you like which can be useful if you have lots of different interviews.

Company Name

Note that this will be visible to individuals completing your interview.


The location field can be anything you like, city, town, country or remote. It will be shown to the individual completing the interview.


At the beginning and end of the interview process, the individual has the option to visit a website of your choosing. 
Remember to include https:// at the beginning. It could be your company website or a link to an appointment scheduling application for example. 

Header/Footer Colour

The header and footer of the interview process can be branded in your own company brand colours. This gives the individual a great experience as they instantly recognise and feel comfortable that they are communicating with a trusted brand. You can either enter your chosen colour as a hex code which always begins with a # symbol. Or you can choose from a series of options in the dropdown. 
To get the correct hex code for your brand you can use a website like Colour Picker.


It is important that people completing your interview recognise the brand they are communicating with. You can upload a company logo that replaces the default Willo logo. 
Upload your logo in transparent PNG or GIF format. Recommended size is 500px high. If you have any issue getting your logo to appear as you would like please chat with us and we can format it for you.
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