Invite people to your interview

We have 3 ways to invite people to your Willo interview:

1. Share the invite link

This is the easiest way to invite people, simply copy and paste the short invite link into an email, message or website. People can click on your link and complete the interview. 

2 . Upload a spreadsheet of people to invite in bulk

Upload a CSV with lots of people and they will automatically be invited once you click Invite. This is really great if you have lots of people in a CRM or spreadsheet. You can also track who has received your invite, opened it and completed your interview. Download the template here .

3. Invite people manually by email and SMS 

Add a person's name, email address and phone number to the platform, click invite and we'll take care of the rest. Similar to the bulk invite above this is a really easy way to send personalised invites to lots of people. You can also track who has received your invite, opened it and completed your interview.

Each time you publish a new interview you'll also receive an email containing the invite link which will look something like this:

Edit the SMS and Email templates used by Willo in the libraries menu. Learn more about custom templates.

Pro tip: if you are inviting people by phone number please remember to use the correct country code. Eg. +1 or your SMS will fail to send.
Good to know: SMS invites are only available on paid plans.


We automatically send out email and SMS reminders to help improve your response rate. They work on the following schedule:

  • Immediately - Invite sent
  • 48h later - a reminder is automatically sent
  • 24h later - you can send a reminder manually by clicking Send Reminder every 24h.

Using the API? 

You can disable the Willo interview invites using the "send_notifications" = false and send them yourself if that's easier. 

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