Number of retakes

Sometimes it is useful to limit the number of retakes that a person has when answering a question within Willo. An example of when this is useful is in translating a paragraph of text, or in a video-recorded role-play. In both these examples, if the candidate recorded their answer multiple times you may find that the video they submit is too rehearsed and difficult to assess. 

Setting the number of retakes

You can change the number of retakes when creating or editing an existing interview by clicking on the dropdown menu:

This menu will only appear for certain supported question types such as video and audio.

You can change the number of retakes at any time, even after you have started receiving responses.

How it works

Setting the number of retakes to Zero will result in the candidate's first response being automatically saved and uploaded - this can sometimes result in rushed or low-quality responses so we always suggest giving the candidate at least 1 retake. It's also helpful to give the candidate the information upfront in the interview description if you plan to limit the retakes available to them.

Candidates do not need to use all the available retakes, and they can see how many retakes they have remaining at any time during the Willo interview.

Building an inclusive recruitment process

Many neurodiverse candidates will require additional retakes to successfully complete a job assessment or interview - you may wish to consider how limited retakes impact them and how you can best accommodate for neurodiversity. 

Rethinking your recruitment process to better engage and support neurodiverse talent can enable your business to leverage untapped talent pools that have been traditionally overlooked. 

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