Custom Email and SMS

Create your own SMS and email templates within Willo, and give your candidate experience a real boost. It's well known that personalisation is key so be sure to set up your own templates and experiment with a few variants until you find one which converts best. You can also write templates in different languages.


You can currently customise the following templates:

  • Invite - sent to the candidate when you invite them through Willo, contains instructions about the interview, invite link and how to complete it.
  • Reminder - automatic follow-ups are sent to candidates who have not completed your interview yet. 
  • Success - sent once an interview has been submitted to confirm that it has been received.


These are the parameters you can insert into your templates:

  • Candidate first name {candidate_first_name}
  • Candidate last name {candidate_last_name}
  • Candidate full name {candidate_full_name}
  • Deadline date {deadline_date} 
  • Interview name {interview_name}
  • Interview owner name {interview_owner_name} 
  • Company name {company_name} 
  • Organisation name {organisation_name}

Customising your Email and SMS templates

Here's how to create your very own templates:

Head to Libraries

Then you can Create a new template, or duplicate an existing one:

Remember to insert personalised parameters for a truly human experience:

Once you are done, click save, check for any spam issues and then you can use your new template in any of your interviews.

You'll find some inspiration for your templates here, but feel free to be creative and think about your employer brand. Your success manager can also provide feedback - just email them.

Good to know
Template Libraries are only available for users on paid plans.
Subject lines cannot be edited for individual accounts as they are optimised to work across our varied and global customer base. 

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