Custom routing

Within Willo, you have the option to automatically route candidates who complete your interview to another destination or URL once they have submitted it. This is a really powerful feature when you use Willo within a larger or more complex screening process.


Once someone has submitted your interview you might want to send them somewhere else so they can continue along the process; some of our favourite routing examples include:

  • Collect documents in a form (Try IDnow)
  • Complete an assignment
  • Collect interview feedback (Try Google Forms or Wufoo)
  • Schedule an appointment (Try Calendly or
  • Learn more about your company

Getting started

Set a custom redirect URL and once someone has completed your interview they will automatically be routed in 5 seconds to the destination you set:

Interview creation - Redirect URL

You can set a different URL for each interview that you set up.

Remember to use https:// at the beginning and please test the URL works before publishing.

Pro tip: If the site you are redirecting people to is an important part of your process we suggest you mention it at the beginning of your interview in the description or intro video.

The 'Rate your experience' survey button is hidden when you use your own redirect URL.

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