Teamtailor Integration

Using the Teamtailor integration with Willo is simple. Once you’ve set up an interview in Willo (adding the questions you want your candidates to answer), here are the instructions to get the integration set up:

Step 1

In your Teamtailor dashboard, click on the Marketplace tab. 

Step 2

Select Willo from the alphabetical list. This adds Willo to your account’s integration list.

Step 3

After adding Willo, click “Settings” in the top navigation bar and then click “Willo” from the left side navigation bar. 

Step 4

Copy-paste your integration key, which you can get from the Integrations tab of your Willo account.

Step 5

Back in your Teamtailor dashboard, set up a Trigger for Willo within your “Applications” tab. During the interview stage, click the “+” button to create a trigger to send a Willo interview.

Step 6

Clicking the “+” button will take you to the Triggers homepage in Teamtailor. Select Willo from the list.

Important: By default no interview will be selected. Please select an interview or this integration will fail to work.

Step 7

That’s it! When you move any candidate onto the trigger stage they will be invited to complete your Willo interview.

Important: When you invite a candidate to Willo from Teamtailor, the interview instructions are sent by Willo via email and SMS. You can view the status of each invite within Willo, including the email successful send or bounce status. You can also edit the content of the email and SMS invites in your Willo library.

Your candidate will complete the Willo interview in their browser, and the link to the interview video will populate automatically in your Teamtailor dashboard. 

You’ll need to repeat Steps 5 and 6 for each job role you have in Teamtailor to ensure that all candidates get a Willo interview sent to them. However, you only have to do this once per role, not per candidate. That should save you hours of admin time since the system will send out interview requests, whether to one candidate for one thousand.

Developer Support

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We look forward to hearing how Willo async video interviewing and Teamtailor can help you achieve your hiring goals!

Check out the Teamtailor & Willo press announcement >

Happy interviewing!

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