5 Easy steps to your interview

We want you to have the most enjoyable and relaxing interview experience - please read these tips before you get started to put your mind at ease:

1    Access the interview

You can access the interview link from your original email or SMS invite from either a desktop or mobile device. There are no apps or downloads required. When asked for access to your camera and microphone, please click Allow.

We recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome, on an internet connection speed with a minimum 5mbps upload and download speed. Close all other tabs and open applications.

Be sure to use a supported device, view the full list of supported devices and browsers here.

If you have any issues accessing your interview please visit the troubleshooting guide or contact us on live chat (bottom right of every page). 

Time limit: Once you've answered the first question, you must complete your full interview within 12 hours.

Multiple Tabs: Please close all other tabs and applications, including any VPN you might be using or you will not be able to complete your interview.

2    Practice your answers 

Practice makes perfect! Practice your interview to make sure that you’re comfortable on screen. 

You can visit the Willo practice zone if you'd like to try an example interview without any pressure.

Alternatively, click Practice with a sample question to see how the process works and answer the 1st question.

Use this opportunity to check you are happy with the sound and lighting - if not, why not find a better location or change your set-up?

3    Answer each question

When you are ready click Get started, you will see the following screen when you enter the interview process. 

Carefully read the question before clicking Record Now.

Video and audio questions will have a time limit of between 1 and 5 minutes which is shown below the button, you will need to answer your question within this time limit. You can stop the recording at any time before the time is up. 

Once you’re happy with your answer click Done and your answer will be securely uploaded to the platform. 

Once you start the interview you may also have the option to re-record your answers at any time by using the Re-record button. Note: this is not available for all interviews or questions.

4   Review all answers

Once you have answered all of the questions you will be presented with your answers to review one final time.  You should watch each video answer back, pay close attention to the audio - check you can hear yourself clearly, if not, click re-record and try again.

5   Availability (optional)

You may be asked for your availability over the next 5 working days - this is useful as it helps the organisation know when they can contact you for a follow-up call or second interview.

🚀 Pro Tips to rock your video interview 🚀

1. Check your space - is your environment suitable, and are you relaxed? Remember to check what is visible in the background.
2. Technology - ensure you have enough charge on your device and a fast internet connection.
3. Practice - remember you can practice as many times as you need to feel comfortable with the process. Keep your head and shoulders centred in the camera's view and make eye contact with the camera whenever possible.
4. Device - using a smartphone? To avoid a shakey or blurry recording you should prop your device up on a steady surface.
5. Relax and have fun!
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