Tips for a successful job interview

Do your homework 

Prepare for a video interview the exact same way you would prepare for a face to face interview.  Research the company beforehand and review the job description in detail so you're able to highlight where you meet or exceed the requirements.

Choose the right spot 

The joy of a video interview is that you can do it anytime and anywhere.  However, it is still important to choose an appropriate spot to conduct the interview.  
Choose a quiet and peaceful spot where you will be the only person visible on the screen.  Keep the background as simple as possible and test what kind of lighting works best for you. Many people find that a lamp which is slightly above your face and behind the camera, shining on you, is the most flattering.

Wear appropriate clothes 

Make sure you’re dressed as if you’re attending a real interview even though you’re on video.  While some companies may have different and more relaxed dress standards in the office, it’s always wise to be more formal than less for an interview.  
For most interviews, something modest and business casual will be perfect.  If you’re unsure about the dress attire for a specific role, contact your the recruiter for more information.

Follow the instructions carefully 

Willo video interviews are set up to be an easy as possible for candidates.  Nonetheless, it's important to follow all instructions carefully.

Practice makes perfect

Click Try it out and make sure you are happy with the process - test your microphone and camera, ensuring your head and shoulders are centred. No data is saved when you are in practice mode.
Relax and good luck!
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