Supported operating systems and browsers

To record your video interview you simply need a phone, computer or device with video capabilities, a microphone and a good internet connection. 

There’s no need for any special equipment or downloads to use Willo.

Supported Operating Systems and Browsers 🌐

We always recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome for the best overall experience.

Mac (iMac / Macbook / Air)

Windows (Desktop and Laptop PC)

iOS (iPad / iPhone)

Android (Samsung / HTC / other) 


  • Various kernels
Device or OS not listed?

If you don’t have a suitable device to take the video interview, you may be able to use one at your local library or internet cafe.  We would also recommend asking a friend or family member to use theirs.  

Internet Connection ⚡

  • We recommend a minimum internet upload and download speed of 5mbps
  • If your internet connection is slower than 5mbps we ask that you use an alternative connection. 
  • Test your internet speed.
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