Linkedin Integration

In this tutorial, we will discuss how to use video interviews with Linkedin as part of your hiring process.

Use Willo at the very beginning of your hiring process to attract the right candidates for your business. By using a flexible digital process right from the start, more candidates will enter your hiring funnel. This is good news for you and your brand - more candidates, more choice. And by using a digital process you will also receive a more diverse pool of talent as there are fewer barriers to entry. 

Why Linkedin?

Linkedin has over 690 million active users, with 90% of them open to a new job. It’s therefore an amazing platform for posting jobs and receiving quality candidates. Plus it’s free for most users so you have nothing to lose.

About this tutorial

We will cover off adding Willo to your LinkedIn job posting to attract and hire top talent:

  1. Post a job on Linkedin
  2. Add Willo to your Linkedin job post
  3. Collect responses 

Let’s get started

1. Post your job on LinkedIn

Head here and start creating your new job posting. The process is quick and easy, plus most of the questions you will already have answers to:

Work your way through the simple steps until you reach the page Applicant Options 2 of 2.

2. Add Willo to your Linkedin job post

(We are assuming you have already created a job in Willo. If not please book a free on-boarding session or watch the pre-recorded on-boarding video.)

Copy the invite link for the job you would like to invite people to apply for:

Choose External Website and then paste the link we copied earlier from Willo into the website address field.

Then click Post job for free and your job will shortly go live on LinkedIn. You can then share the job with your network and candidates will begin to apply using Willo.

Pro tips: You should always use 'Apply' and not 'Easy Apply'. 

You will see each candidate who clicked 'Apply' within the Linkedin job post so you will have full visibility, even if the candidate did not complete their Willo interview.

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