Add or remove users

You must be an admin or account owner to complete these steps.

This is a reminder that if you're on Premium (Legacy) Plan your account is charged a prorated amount for each additional user added during your billing cycle.

To view and manage the users on your account, click on the Users tab in the main menu.

Invite users

Enter the email address of someone you'd like to add to your Willo account and click Invite. They will receive an invitation by email to join your account:

Remove users

If you remove a user using the trash can icon - all companies, interviews and candidate responses associated with that user account will be automatically reallocated to the account owner. The account owner can then delete those interviews and responses when required. 

We do this as you may wish to retain the data when a colleague leaves for example.

Account types and permissions

You can invite users to have either standard or admin access to your Willo account:

  • Standard - these users can create their own interviews, companies and review responses. Standard users cannot see other users' interviews unless they are individually shared with them.
  • Admin - everything a standard user can do, plus view and edit all interviews on the account, enable or disable integrations, add/remove users, and view and update billing information.
  • Owner - everything an admin user can do, plus add/remove/reassign users admin users and transfer ownership. 

A new user will receive an invitation via email to join your company account and be requested to set up a password. 

Add users in bulk

Please contact us if you have any issues or wish to add users in bulk and we provide you with a shareable invite link, no hassle.

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