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You must be an Account Owner to complete these steps.

All payments are processed by our partner Stripe, Inc. We do not store any sensitive credit card data. All the server to server communications are made through secure SSL connections.

Upgrade to a premium plan

Click on Upgrade (top right of your screen):

You'll see your account plan and upgrade options below:

Click on the Subscribe button and enter your payment card details, then click save

Wait a few seconds and your account will automatically upgrade. Please click refresh to confirm and you'll see your new plan on the Dashboard.

Upgrade to an annual plan 

Save 30% when you switch to a pre-paid annual plan. Here's how:

(You must have an active Premium monthly plan)

Profile > Update > Update Plan

Choose Yearly

Follow the onscreen prompts and you will be automatically billed once for the next 12 months. 

Note: If you have already paid for this month it will be prorated automatically and any existing balance will be deducted from your annual price.

Interested in a Team or Pro Plan?

If you would like to purchase a Team or Pro plan or to discuss a custom payment plan please Contact Us .

View all standard pricing plans here.

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