Accept and Reject responses

You can use the Accept and Reject buttons to sort your responses into accepted and rejected lists. This can be really handy when you have lots of candidates to review and need to manage them. 

On the right of each response, you'll see a history log of when it was moved between stages, and if a reject reason was chosen this will also be visible to you and your team.

No communication is sent to the individual who completed the interview - Accept and Reject is only for your own internal reference. 

To send automated communication to candidates check-out the pro tip below...

Pro tip: If you want to send an email or SMS when someone is moved to Accept or Reject you can set this up using Zapier 'Stage change' trigger.

Zapier Templates

Here are two ready-made Zap templates for you to use: Accept Zap and Reject Zap.

Update a single response

Easily move an individual response into a new stage with these buttons:

Update multiple responses

Quickly change the status of multiple responses by selecting them:

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