Share a response

You can share a video response with someone else outside your organisation with a share ' Showcase' link. This means they do not need to log in to view the videos, however your video content remains encrypted and only accessible to people with the link.

Copy your link

To generate a showcase link click on Showcase:

You will then be presented with a popup containing the unique short share link. Choose which answers you wish to share with the sliders - this updates your showcase page in real-time. 

Click to copy the link and share in an email or messenger with anyone who needs to see the video response.
Pro tip: This link will contain the first two letters of the person's name so you know which link is theirs.

Public Page

The public share page will contain the individual's name, questions asked and their answers - the viewer of this page cannot do anything other than watch the videos or download the uploaded files.

Important: Anyone with the link can access the content and share it with others. Please only share showcase links with people you trust. 

You can disable a link at any time by changing the Link enabled setting to OFF.

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