API Rate Limit

Willo has API throttling to allow more consistent performance within a time span for customers calling our APIs. Throttling limits the number of requests to a service in a time span to prevent the overuse of resources. While Willo is designed to handle a very high volume of requests, if an overwhelming number of requests occur by few customers, throttling helps maintain optimal performance and reliability for all customers and candidates.

What happens when throttling occurs?

When a throttling threshold is exceeded, Willo limits any further requests from that client for a period of time. Throttling behaviour depends on the type and number of requests.

Best practices to avoid throttling

Programming practices such as continuously polling an endpoint to check for updates and regularly scanning jobs to check for new or deleted responses are more likely to lead to throttling and will degrade overall performance. Concurrent API calls may lead to high number of requests per unit time, which will also cause requests to be throttled. You should instead use webhooks for change tracking and change notifications.

I need to increase my rate limit

Sure, if you are regularly hitting your limit with higher volume demands, please contact us to discuss an increased rate limit.

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