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Interviews are ubiquitous in today’s organizational culture. Hours and hours of them every month. But what does the traditional interview mean to your organisation as a whole? Or, perhaps more telling, what does it mean to the country and the economy?

How to calculate it

We've pulled together a way for you to see how much time you save by switching to Willo for your interviews and meetings:

Typical interview: 

30 minutes scheduling + 45 minutes duration + 5 minutes multi tasking = 80 minutes 

Willo interview: 

1 minute to invite someone + 10 minutes to watch + 3 minutes to review = 14 minutes

The science behind this

Our data analysts have pulled together the calculations to help explain the powerful benefits of using Willo. We are using meeting statistics since there is not enough data for traditional interviews.

Without Willo Data Units Source
The average duration of a meeting 45 Minutes Doodle: The State of Meetings Report 2019
Average time to schedule a meeting 30 Minutes AskCody: Meeting management: How much time do you waste?
Total time for 1 meeting 75 Minutes
With Willo Data Units Source
The average duration of an interview 10 Minutes Willo Analytics (5 questions at 2 minutes each)
Average time to review an interview 3 Minutes Willo Analytics
Average time to invite someone 1 Minutes Willo Analytics
Total time for 1 interview 14 Minutes

It all equates to saving you 61 minutes per interview, or 81%. That's a lot, what would you do with the extra time?

"Willo is definitely the best investment that we've made, simply because the ROI has been so massive..."
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