Recording a video introduction

Important: This feature is not supported on older versions of Safari desktop.

Why create a video intro?

As well as embedding videos from YouTube and Vimeo you can also record your own video introduction which will appear at the start of your interview. It's a great way to explain what your interview is for, the next steps and to introduce your own personality. 

To get started you have two options:

1. Record your own

Using your webcam and microphone you can make a recording of yourself or your team talking to the camera. The maximum video length is 3 minutes and we suggest recording in landscape (16:9 aspect ratio) rather than portrait. 

Click Start Recording when you are ready, you can re-record as often as you like.

2. Upload a video

Perhaps you already have an awesome video and would like to upload it - simply upload video files from your computer or smartphone by clicking on Upload

The most popular file formats are supported including MP4 and we recommend a maximum file size of 25Mb. 

You can reduce your video file size with this free tool. We suggest a maximum width of 720px in horizontal (16:9 aspect ratio) format.

Note that some width and height resizing will occur when you upload to ensure an amazing experience for everyone.

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