Download content

You can download content from Willo to your local device for editing or offline sharing. 

Video files are downloaded in MP4 H.264 AAC format with a bitrate of 1000k which allows high playback on the majority of devices including Apple and Android.

For the best experience please use an up-to-date browser (preferably Google Chrome).

Looking to download a CSV of candidates and their responses? Go here instead.

Download a single file

To download a single file please find the response you wish to download and then click on the down arrow.

Then wait a few moments and your download will begin...

Download multiple files

Click on Download All then wait a few moments and your downloaded Zip folder will begin...

Security Settings: Please check you have the correct settings for downloading content from an unknown source otherwise your download might fail to complete.

Having trouble downloading files?

Checking your settings is easy. To get started, once you have Willo open in your browser, simply click the 'lock' icon in your browser address bar and select 'Site Settings'.

Once your settings are open, please ensure that 'Automatic downloads' are set to 'Allow'

Editing video responses

We recommend Veed and Lumen5 for quick and easy online editing and stitching together of your videos. 

Please remember: when a new response is received it takes around 15 minutes to process before you can download it, so please be patient. 

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