Upload a file

Certain questions can accept file uploads instead of video responses.

If you are asked to respond to a file upload question it is easy to do this on any device which has access to the file you wish to upload.

How it works

You can either drag and drop as shown below or click Browse and navigate to the correct file:

Good to know

Uploading a file is simple but here are a few things you should remember:

  • The maximum file size is 25Mb.
  • All standard file formats are supported but please bear in mind that the recipient will need the correct software to open your file.
  • You can only upload 1 file per question.
  • It is possible to change the file name once you have uploaded your file, just click on the small pencil icon.
  • Files are encrypted once uploaded.

PDF Files

We recommend converting your files to PDF before uploading. A PDF is a universal file format that is easy to open and view on any device.

Here is a free PDF converter that you can use.

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