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May 11, 2023 - 5.0.0

Workday integration - Interview your candidates at scale using Willo without ever leaving Workday and streamline your enterprise recruitment process.

SAP SuccessFactors integration - Streamline your enterprise recruitment process by adding Willo's powerful interviewing solution to your SAP SuccessFactors account.

SmartRecruiters integration - Empower hiring managers by integrating Willo with SmartRecruiters

Ashby integration - Get even more insight into candidates by integrating Willo with Ashby

March 15, 2023 - 4.5.0

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Added Welsh language - shwmae 👋
🔎 Automated scanning of file uploads for malicious content 
⚡️Interview load speed optimisations

💵 Caching updates to improve UX following updates 

February 28, 2023 - 4.4.0

💻 Users can now change tab during recording

🪪 Digital Identity Check improvements - improved accuracy on decision and result

🎨 Questions page UX enhancements

February 15, 2023 - 4.3.0

Watch our release video here! 🎬  

🎨 Redesigned interview questions setup - question and answer settings are now all available in one place
🪪 Digital Identity Check activation - you can now activate these checks on your account while setting up an interview
💾 Download media - only available when all media is converted
✉️ Added email & SMS to the activity feed for each candidate - delivery & open status now available

February 2, 2023 - 4.2.0 

🔒 Extensive security improvements
🔑 Ability to add token authentication to Webhooks
🔄 New 'processing' state for videos
ℹ 'What is a Share Code' support for candidates completing a UK Right to Work check
⏭️ Added ability to define if 'Skip Share Code' should be available to candidates
🎬 Ignore empty spaces on youtube links
ℹ️ Improve user feedback for interviews with responses
🧑🏽💻 User Management enhancement - show all users by default
🔑 Upgraded Password Policy
↕️ Allow use of arrow keys to navigate dropdowns
⛔️ 'Closed' interviews display as 'closed' on interview page

December 15, 2022 - 4.1.0

🔄 Improved caching - ensures users always benefit from the latest updates as soon as they are released
💬 Text answers - new text editor introduces more formatting options and wider browser compatibility
🧑🏽💻 Code answers - with the new text editor comes the ability to add code answers in a number of different programming languages
✉️ IDV Email confirmations - emails will be triggered to account owners when new identity check bundles are purchased
🔔 Interview notification adjustments - Email notifications will only be triggered when an interview is fully processed and ready to review. Interview owners can also now disable email notifications.
⏎ 'Reply to' destination of candidate confirmation emails has been updated from Willo Support and replaced with the interview owner
🔗 API V2 Updates - Introduction of new methods for 'Departments' endpoint and addition of 'Overview link' to 'POST Invite Participant' response
⚡️Performance improvements - we have refactored a number of areas to improve performance and load speed 

✂️ Removed "-" from 'copy share code' action

November 25, 2022 - Version 4.0.0

🔗 API V2 - read the documentation here✅ Interview complete page - updated to improve sign-posting for candidates revisiting their interview👷 Interview structure & routing optimisations for candidates moving 

October 18, 2022 - Version 3.18.0

Watch our release video here! 🎬  

📝 Digital Right to work & Identity Checks - receive a certified report that the candidate is who they claim to be

September 14, 2022 - Version 3.17.0

📝 Interview Drafts - save your progress at each stage 
✉️ Email Languages - default email body content & static content previews
🧑 People Page - Status updates
💾 Additional media storage regions available
🔗 API now allows up to 20 questions
📼 Videos added to Login page

August 17, 2022 - Version 3.16.0

🗣️ Interview default language - choose which language your candidate will be invited in, and the language the interview will load up in. 

🎨 Interview page redesign - improved styling and layout of the interview page to improve usability
🧰 Interview setup enhancements - improved interaction design and the ability to duplicate questions
📃 Long question hover overlay - improved visibility of long questions during review
🎬 Specific Hints & Tips video for each language - over the coming week, we will be adding new hints & tips videos for every supported language
🎥 Auto-play enhancements - the ability to cancel auto-play during response review & restart videos with fewer clicks
🎨 Footer contrast for custom branding to improve legibility of links with all branding colours
⬇️ People Page enhancements - Updated default sort order to place 'blank' candidates at the bottom
↔️ Response video scaling - improved scaling to avoid blank space in the video player
📦 Updated all of our packages

August 3, 2022 - Version 3.15.0

🔍 People Page - browse all interview participants from one place

📃 Text Answers - assess literacy skills with text answers
⏳ Thinking Time - set and review the time permitted to complete a question
✅ Improved CSV validation - clearer file upload errors and ability to remove failed records
🧑 User Management - easily manage who can access an interview without the need to edit your interview
🎨 Review Page redesign - the final step of a candidate's interview is now much cleaner & simpler
⏭️ Next answer - no need to cycle through every answer manually, they now auto play one after another
⬇️ Download all - you can now download all answers from a candidate's interview at once
✏️ Edit active interviews - you can now update settings such as number of retakes and answer length even after your interview has received responses
🤝 Refer a friend - we now have a refer a friend program available in the footer - check it out!

Lever integration enhancements - improvements to ensure that the integration connection does not expire after 30 days inactivity

July 5, 2022 - Version 3.14.0

🇮🇳 We now transact in Indian Rupees

🎬 Showcase & Group Showcase redesign

June 28, 2022 - Version 3.13.0

💳 Enhanced pricing options with unlimited usage

⚡ API Enhancements to improve platform speed
✨ Response page UX enhancements for page loading & advanced options
📹 New Practice question - How are you today?
🎨 Redesigned questions page to improve UX and add space for upcoming features
🧑 Improved candidate form validation
🖋️ Improved onboarding process - we gather organisation size to find the best product fit
🔗 New Agency invite link for bulk invites

✉️ Improved formatting for Custom Emails on outlook

June 15, 2022 - Version 3.12.0

Watch our release video here! 🎬  

🎨 Response page redesign - we have vastly improved the user experience while reviewing interview responses

🌱 Offshoot video processing improvements - now you can review videos which were recorded on other devices

⚡ Speed optimisations for most frequently used pages

📦 We updated lots of packages!

✨ Added feature for default companies within organisations

🔒 Improved security & 2FA for our admin portal

May 25, 2022 - Version 3.11.0

🔉 Audio Answers - offer candidates the flexibility to record audio answers and take your candidate experience to the next level

🇨🇳 Traditional Chinese - we now support Traditional Chinese in addition to Simplified Chinese

May 18, 2022 - Version 3.10.0

🔌  We now integrate with Lever! Learn more here or get started with our integration guide

May 4, 2022 - Version 3.9.0

Watch our release video here 🎬  

🌱 Offshoot - easily transfer device during an interview!   

💾  'Save & Continue' cuts out an unnecessary step from the interview process 
👻  Express yourself - we now support Emojis! 
🔗 Added the ability to include Hyperlinks on questions 
⬇️  Updated Kanban Ordering - now recently updated candidates appear at the top 
🎬  We renamed 'Showcase' to Share - it's just clearer!
📋  We now automatically copy invite link to clipboard when you create or edit a job 
🔐 Added validation to Reset Password page 

April 11, 2022 - Version 3.8.0

✉️  Emails & SMS templates - create your own custom templates for interview invites, reminders & success notifications. Watch video overview

✨  API Update: Custom Redirects - We have added the ability to define a Custom Redirect URL via API when creating an interview 

✨  API Update: Availability Calendar - we have added the ability to enable/disable the Availability Calendar via the API when creating an interview

✨  API Update: Hints & Tips - we have added the ability to enable/disable Hints & Tips via the API when creating an interview

March 28, 2022 - Version 3.7.0

Watch our release video here 🎬 

💰 New Currencies - We have now introduced the ability to transact using GBP, EUR & AUD as well as USD

🎬  Showcase improvements - we have updated the information presented when you share a showcase link 
✨  Preview GIF enhancements - we have enhanced the GIF generation to ensure that these show on more messaging platforms 
🛠️   New Setup Process enhancements - we have made further improvements to the new organisation setup process

March 15, 2022 - Version 3.6.0

Watch our release video here ⏯️

⤴️  Custom Redirects - Send candidates to a URL of your choice once they have successfully completed an interview

🌐  Arabic language - we can speak Arabic!

🛠️  New setup process - when you create a new company, we guide you through everything needed to set it up!

🎬  Video processing updates - we improved our video conversion process to make things even smoother

🛒  Checkout improvements - we made some subtle improvements to make the checkout process even better than before

🐜  Squashed a few bugs

February 7, 2022 - Version 3.5.0

Watch our release video here ⏯️

🔎  Filter interviews by owner to find them more easily

✨  Toggle Hints & Tips - you can now select whether you would like the hints & tips page to show for each interview

✨  Updated profile page - you can now monitor your SMS usage against your quota from your profile page

January 21, 2022 - Version 3.4.2

🇨🇳  你好, we added Chinese (simplified)

🇮🇳  नमस्ते, we added Hindi

🇷🇺  Привет, we added Russian

🇮🇩  Halo, we added Indonesian

🇳🇱  Hallo, we added Dutch 

January 12, 2022 - Version 3.4.1

Watch our release video here ⏯️

✨ Try it out for free - unlimited access 15 day trial for all new subscribers

💳 New self-service checkout - select the plan that's right for you and get going in no time!

🧭 Updated navigation - extra helpful for our mobile users

December 15, 2021 - Version 3.3.3

🇪🇸 Buenos días! Willo is now available in Spanish!

💬 New SMS invites & reminders

🐜 Squashed a few bugs

December 8, 2021 - Version 3.3.2

⚡Performance improvements

🐜 A couple of small bug fixes

November 25, 2021 - Version 3.3.1 

Watch our release video 🍿

📅 Availability calendar enhancement - users can now click and drag to select multiple slots

🤝🏿 Schedule meeting - Interviewers can schedule a meeting with a respondent

📁 Added ability for interviewers to change the file which has been uploaded by a respondent

🔗 Improved styling for shared links on messaging platforms

🪝 Updated webhook permissions to allow Administrators to receive callbacks

✨ Addition of a Custom ID field to invite API endpoint & webhooks for external IDs to be passed to Willo

November 8, 2021 - Version 3.2

📹  Video preview - users can now preview their camera before recording an interview

📊  Automated VAT for UK subscriptions 

💻  Added support for Linux Operating Systems, Chromebook devices & Safari desktop (Versions 14.1 onwards)

📅  Availability calendar improvements

October 20, 2021 - Version 3.1

💾  Users can now save their progress on an interview for a later date (up to 180 days to be exact)

⏰  Timezone support means you can now translate availability to your user's timezones

⏯️  Playback enhancements help to majorly improve user experience

⚡ API enhancements to make page loads lightning fast

ℹ️  More helpful hints & tips to keep everyone right

October 6, 2021

🇩🇪 Guten Tag! We now support German

🔌 Native integration with Teamtailor - we're now an official video interviewing partner. Read more here

✨ Bulk actions for multiple interviews like group showcase, updating status' & exporting interviews to CSV

✉️ Automated email & SMS reminder for people who have not completed their interview after 48h

📱 Improved mobile experience for Android users

✨ Increased prominence of the submit button on our review page

🧭 Navigate easily between responses with next/previous buttons, plus left & right arrow keyboard shortcuts

⭐ Candidate ratings now show the total number of reviewers

🐜 Squashed a few bugs!

August 31, 2021

✨ Introduced variable bit rate video streaming for all users videos

✨ Increased the quality of the downloadable MP4 video files

✨ New video player with playback speed toggle between 0.5x and 2x

⚙️ Editable answers for certain users - please shoot us a support request if you'd like to enable this feature

⚙️ Variable storage duration - users can now request that we store videos for more than 6 months

🐜 We polished some UI handles and tweaked some devops knockers

August 17, 2021

🇫🇷  Oh là là! We now support French.

July 29, 2021

⚙️  Major upgrade and change to the interview process for Chrome V92+ Browser compatibility. 

June 10, 2021

✨  Added invite URLs to the API so you can invite people to your interview using your own methods

⚙️  Ability to disable all Willo email and SMS communication with the Interviewee

🐜  Various bug fixes and optimisation

May 20, 2021

✨  New 1-page interview builder

⚙️  Optimisation of the interview
⚙️  Small changes to the user interface to make certain things look nicer

April 22, 2021

✨  File Uploads

✨  Advanced sharing (Showcase)
⚙️  New Linkedin and Google SSO buttons
⚙️  Hover tooltip text on user account types

March 15, 2021

✨  Two-Factor Authentication with time-based one-time password

February 22, 2021

✨  Workable integration

✨  3-second countdown 

🐜  Squashed a few bugs

February 5, 2021

✨  Camera switcher - choose which camera to record with before each question is answered.

⚙️  Enhanced upload speeds - 5x faster for certain users. Woooosh!

January 4, 2021

✨  Rebranding of the whole platform.

December 29, 2020

🎄 This release was mostly fuelled by mince pies and leftover turkey.

Video Intro - you can now record your own interview introduction video, or upload one from your computer. Don't worry, you can still embed YouTube videos if that's your thing.

✨ Zapier 2.0 has been released to the wild with some new endpoints, and changes to existing ones. Zapier users  can now pipe individual video file URLs to other applications (they used to be comma-separated). Accept / Reject stage changes are also triggers. 

✨ Helpscout is now our live chat and knowledge base provider -  we can provide support and knowledge articles directly to users within the Willo interface.

✨ We introduced a loading spinner so you'll never need to wonder if something is happening

⚙️ Optimisation to loading of the interviews table - if you are not seeing the speed improvements please clear your cache.

⚙️ Question suggestion engine - we will now suggest questions to you, and will also intelligently suggest questions you've asked before.

December 7, 2020

✨ New responses are counted and marked as un-opened. If you are sharing an interview the first person to open the response will cause it to be marked as opened. 

✨ Search all your interviews by name or company, useful if you have lots of interviews.

✨ Quickly click-to-copy an invite link on the interviews table.

✨ Complete an interview and enjoy a 3-second celebration (see for yourself).

✨ 15 other small UI enhancements to make life a little happier.

✨ When you publish an interview you'll receive an email with an invite link.

⚙️ 'Standard' users can now generate showcase links.

⚙️ The interview table now loads much faster.

⚙️ When an interview expires "Live Until" status will change to OFF, but your interview will still be accessible and can be switched back ON with the slider at any time.

⚙️ All emails now come from "Willo', instead of 'Notification', finally!

⚙️ Invited is now called Started - everyone who actually starts to answer question 1 of your interview is counted. This is a change from before and should make it clearer what your completion rate is based on.

⚙️ Showcase and invite links are now shorter, much shorter.

🐜 56 bugs squashed and some optimisations to make interviewing even faster.

November 19, 2020

✨ We added an answer upload progress bar and a % indicator so you know how long to wait. Because we're nice like that :)

🐜 If you click back or refresh during an interview this is less likely to cause any answers to be lost.

November 12, 2020

✨ Connect page added for all users to enable easier integration with Zapier and Greenhouse.

⚙️ Zapier integration 1.1 released - with improvements to the way phone numbers and unusual characters are handled.

⚙️Removal of question generator - we're working on a new and improved one (watch this space!)

November 3, 2020

✨ Major update to our billing and payment plan upgrades. You can now view your usage of the platform and download invoices from the profile page. Lots of less exciting but important stuff behind the scenes too...

October 27, 2020

✨ In-browser support for Android devices (beta)

✨ Native Greenhouse integration

⚙️ Enhanced greek translation. (Thanks, Sofia)

October 6, 2020

✨ Delete a company brand profile - now users can delete a company brand profile and the interviews associated with it in 2 clicks.

✨ Interview experience - the process of interviewing is now less recruitment focused and more generic. Useful if you are not using Willo for recruitment. 

⚙️ Enhanced device support - we now support more Samsung and Android devices.

⚙️ Camera and microphone access - Willo will continually check for camera and mic access and display helpful instructions if something isn't right.

🐜 Chrome video preview - before submitting a video response the preview player was not always working, it does now.

September 17, 2020

✨ Delete responses - now users can delete video responses without Willo support. 

✨ Set the maximum number of retakes, per question - a hot request. Each question can have a limit placed on the maximum number of retakes that a user can make.

⚙️ Enhanced phone numbers - we now automatically format all phone numbers with the correct country-code if available.

⚙️ Tested and approved to work with iOS14 on Chrome and Safari browsers.

⚙️ Browser support - we now make it even easier to ensure users have the latest version of supported browsers. Each supported browser is now linked in a support pop-up.

🐜 Mobile device playback - a few changes to improve the playback of video content on Samsung and iOS devices. It's now much faster.

September 11, 2020

✨ Affiliate program - launched

⚙️ Enhanced geolocation - Willo will optionally request a user's GPS location which greatly enhances the accuracy of the interview location data. 

August 21, 2020

✨ New interview notifications - Your Willo teammates can now get an email notification when a new interview is received.

Zapier Integration - connect Willo with over 2,500 of your favourite apps including Google, Trello, Workable, Greenhouse, Slack, Zoho and many more.

✨ Infinite scroll - when you have lots of interviews this will speed up the page load and overall experience.

July 31, 2020

✨ Global server deployment - we now have servers in 84 cities across 42 countries to bring you super-fast video playback and uploads wherever you and your users are.

✨ We now speak Greek - try it by switching between languages in the footer of any page. Willo will remember your language preference and automatically switch to your browser settings.

✨ New UI kit - buttons will now look nicer, and a few fonts have been changed for accessibility. 

June 30, 2020

⚙️ 1-hour downtime for server maintenance and performance upgrade.

May 14, 2020

✨ An email notification will now go out when an interview is complete - this is being rolled out for all users and gives reassurance that the interview has been successfully completed. 

⚙️ Updated API documentation.

🐜 27 bugs exterminated.

April 30, 2020

⚙️ 1-hour downtime for server maintenance and performance upgrade.

April 23, 2020

✨  Send SMS invites to 150 countries - this feature is currently free for existing users. 

⚙️ Record answers up to 5 minutes in duration -  Users on our paid plans can now ask candidates for answers of either 4 or 5 minutes in length.

⚙️ No more reading questions in advance -  users must answer each question in the order that you set them and cannot skip ahead. After extensive testing, we decided this was a better experience for everyone.

🐜 46 bugs  exterminated.

April 22, 2020

✨ Refer a friend program launched - for  every friend you invite to Willo who successfully signs up, we will give you a free month. 

March 26, 2020

✨ Showcase is now branded with your logo, header and footer colours.

✨ New automated emails with less information so you only see the information you need.

🐜 97 bugs squashed.

February 28, 2020

✨ Quickly duplicate interviews, saving time and hassle.

✨ Server speed upgrades to enhance the experience for all users.

⚙️ The availability calendar is now optional.

⚙️ Automatic deletion of video content which is older than 6 months.

February 4, 2020

✨ Custom answer length, between 1 and 5 minutes.

January 1, 2020

🚀 Production-ready version of Willo released into the wild.

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